Quintana Roo

Designed by triathletes for triathletes. For over 30 years, Quintana Roo has defined multisport performance. From inventing the very first triathlon specific bicycle to creating a full lineup of modern disc brake bikes. Contact Bryanna Hurley at QR directly to take advantage of your team pricing. Bryanna Hurley


Confidence to leave the beaten path with multisport GPS wearable devices that look as great as they function. The official technology partner of Team Zoot. Contact your team captain for team specific discount code.


Maximize your speed, vision, and protection with Smith. Contact your team captain with info on how to sign up for the team discount through Smith

Enve Composites

We are more than riders… We are risk takers, engineers and innovators, driven by our love of cycling. We are a dynamic collection of skilled individuals that create the world’s best carbon fiber products. Partnering with the prominent frame builders of our time and the world’s best athletes, we combine industry leading technology with world-class athlete feedback to provide our customers with the ultimate in lightness, stiffness and durability. Born from a desire for a better ride, we strive to deliver our consumers products without compromise. Contact your team captain for printable Enve team discount and instructions for purchase.

Gatorade Endurance

Created specifically to meet the demands of endurance athletes during longer, more intense training and racing. Ask your team captain for team discount code.


Quiet. Smart. Powerful.
This is massage reinvented.

Reimagine your daily wellness routine with our new line of Smart Percussive Therapy devices. With a personalized app experience, our renowned deep muscle treatment is tailored to your body’s real-time needs like never before. Ask your team captain for discount code.

Form Swim

Swim goggles with a smart display. See the metrics you need in the moment. Take control of your swim. Contact your team captain for discount code.

Alt Red

Training and performing at your peak comes at a cost. AltRed is clinically proven to be a reliable, clean, plant-based nutrient to keep your body moving and recovery time down. Contact your team captain for discount code.

Picky Bars

Foodie Flavors, Athletic Know-how. We believe real food is the best fuel. And when balanced the right way can power through the toughest workout, longest ride, or biggest snack attack. Contact your team captain for discount code.

Athletic Brewing

Athletic Brewing is pioneering a craft beer revolution. We promise to use high-quality, all-natural ingredients to create great-tasting brews for our beer-loving family. We strive to create brews suitable for everyone and every occasion. No matter your motivation, if you want to keep a clear head and drink healthier, we're here for you. Contact your team captain for discount code.


Speedfil Hydration Systems are continuously tested and refined for both professional and amateur athletes who simply want to perform at their best. These inventive and patented systems deliver hydration, aerodynamics, safety and ease of use. Contact your team captain for discount code.

IRC Tires

Founded in 1926 in Japan, IRC Tire, the global two wheel tire specialist, has more than 90 years of experience developing and manufacturing tires for all types of cycling including BMX, gravel, road and mountain biking. IRC owns seven manufacturing plants worldwide and produces tires for bicycle, motorcycle and wheelchair. Contact your team captain for discount code.

GUP Sealant

A foaming formula that can seal and inflate your tires in seconds and injects straight through the valve core; with no extra tools required and no need to remove your wheel. You can be back on your ride in no time. GÜP packs a punch! Our 125ml canister gives riders a chance to fill and seal tires of numerous sizes in all categories of cycling; while also working with tubeless, tubed and tubular tires. With two easy-to-use adapters for cyclists to choose from, GÜP has been considered the ultimate backup plan for cyclists all over the world. Contact your captain for discount code.


Zealios products are designed to endure the intense physical demands that athletes experience in training and competition.

The athletes we protect are the inspiration and driving force behind
everything we do.